Sustainability Courses and Webinars

Sustainability Courses and Webinars

Introduction to Sustainable Business (4 week online course)
Cost: $200 (access to professional videos and instructor facilitated)

Course Description

“Introduction to Sustainable Business” prepares students to begin implementing sustainable business practices across many industries. Students will be guided through the current state of sustainability from a global perspective and will explore business topics — including operations, finance, management and marketing — through a sustainability lens. Students will be able to understand how sustainability relates to business, how to make the business case for sustainability.

Course Orientation

Information is delivered as recorded, viewable content, supplemented by additional readings and articles. All online accessible readings, videos and resources are available to the course participants. Students are assessed by quizzes, activities and graded discussions.

Course Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of this course, successful students will have demonstrated the ability to:

  • Understand sustainability in the context of business terms and vocabulary

  • Frame how global, social and environmental events have impacted the business atmosphere and reference risk and opportunities in discussions and assignments

  • Utilize managerial accounting for making a business case for implementing sustainability 

  • Consider business decisions by evaluating environmental and social return on investment

  • Formulate opportunities to "green" an office or an organization

  • Identify and engage employees by communicating sustainability through different methods

Please contact Bo Sosnicki at for more information on next available offering.

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